Health Zone Plus Air Conditioner HZ-Plus-30

Health Zone Plus Air Conditioner HZ-Plus-30
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MODEL:                                                                   HZ-Plus-30

CAPACITY:                                                         1.5 TON

ROOM SIZE:                                                       140 sqft ------ 225 sqft


Health Zone Plus range also offers cutting-edge features such as the Mosquito repellent feature is effective even

when the AC is off ,It is equipped with an anti-rust condense has wire-less remote access and also auto-start function

making it an all-encompassing cooling machine. Healthy lifestyle is just a button away! Dawlance’s new Health zone

Plus range of air conditioners are equipped with chemical-free Mosquito Repellent Technology so that you can sleep

peacefully and wake up fresh & healthy! Say goodbye to harmful coils and mosquito repellents and bring Dawlance

Health Zone Plus home to experience convenience at its best


Key Features

  1. Mosquito Repellent Technology.

  2. Digital Protection device- protects AC from voltage fluctuation (180V-250V).

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